"Which Fly Do I Use?"

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With thousands upon thousands of fly patterns in existence, the question of which to use is a good one. It is impossible for the avid fly-fisher to know all the patterns and which to use in various waters, let alone the casual or beginning fly-fisher. Despite the wide variety of available fly patterns, it is possible to choose a selection of appropriate flies that are proven producers on all three water types in which trout are found -- streams, rivers, and lakes. Which Fly Do I Use? also includes: fly tackle, effective presentations, trout foods (including photos and illustrations), essential knots, and more. All for just $8.95!Which Fly Do I Use? is a guide -- for fly-fishers of all levels -- to some of the best patterns that tempt trout. So whether you buy flies, or tie your own, this book will answer the question of which fly to use.

Softcover, full-color; 8 x 11 inches, 48 pages