"The Fishing Life: Quirky Tales of Angling Adventures, Mishaps, and Memories"

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Of course, being a fisherman and living the fishing life goes beyond just those days spent with rod and reel in hand. It is something that occupies your mind and your heart, not just your hands. As such, this collection is not only about intense fishing moments, but also “a book about those long stretches of thinking, hoping, daydreaming, and otherwise getting ready that occupy fishermen between those moments.” It is truly a way of life.

Whether you’re looking for informal advice or deep reflections related to the sport and art of fishing, The Fishing Life is sure to catch your fancy—and give you plenty to dream about, when you can’t be on the water. 

Hardcover, 9 B&W illus; 6x9 inches, 208 pages


Paul Schullery is a noted historian and conservationist who worked in Yellowstone National Park for several decades under the National Park Service. He spent time as the executive director of the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester, Vermont, and in 2009 was named the first scholar-in-residence at Montana State University's Renne Library. He has written more than thirty books, including American Fly Fishing, Royal Coachman, Cowboy Trout, The Rise, If Fish Could Scream, and Fly-Fishing Secrets of the Ancients.