"Tarpon Explosion" by Vaughn Cochran

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"'Tarpon Explosion' is a unique painting in that I directly copied my own painting and recreated it as one of my Bright series paintings. This painting was actually more difficult to paint than the photorealistic painting of 'Tarpon at the Boat.' Like its companion piece 'Shake That Thing,' this painting was originally painted using a silver metallic paint in the middle of the tarpon face and is always hand painted in silver in order to enhance the print and make it special. This print is available on paper or re-sized in a square format to be printed on canvas as a pop art piece."

Image size: 16" x 20"
Edition size: 300
Price: $225.00 Retouched
Canvas reproductions available 
Artist Proofs and numbers 1 thru 10 may be available