"Tarpon Daisy Chain" by Vaughn Cochran

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"Any tarpon fisherman who has fished Key West for any amount of years will probably recognize this beautiful flat just off the point of David Wolkowsky's Ballast Key. This location was a favorite pick off point to cast to tarpon swimming sometimes in either direction over the white sand holes where they were easier to see. For some reason, they would go into these 'daisy chain' formations over the sand and make several rotations then move down the flat and do it all over again. Some say it's a spawning ritual. At any rate, no tarpon fisherman that I know can look at this painting and not get weak in the knees over the possibilities of a hook up. The original was an oil painting and was one of my first prints that I published."
This print is a giclee print on the best quality paper and the image size is 20 x 14 inches.  It is also available in any size as a giclee on canvas. Pricing is depending on size and available on request. The edition size is 300 and each print is signed and numbered by the artist. Each print is shipped flat in a specially constructed shipping box, insured and will arrive via U.S. Post Office, Priority Mail or UPS. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity and a Blackfly sticker for you car, truck or boat.  The shipping charge is $25.00 to cover the shipping and packing materials.