"Saturday's Storm" by Vaughn Cochran

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"Saturday's Storm" was an oil painting from a short half-day trip west of Key West looking for tarpon. We had been polling around for a while in the sweat-producing still air of a summer morning on the flat between Ballast Key and the three keys back to the east sometimes know as "dash dot dash" (the other Barracuda keys). My client suddenly asked me if I had looked behind me recently and with that I turned around and saw the purple monster building over Key West....just where we had to go to get home.  I'm glad I had the presence of mind to snap a quick photo before the rain drops started to sting. This painting always brings out a similar story from the many people who have experienced the same kind of rain storm while they were on the water. 
This print is a giclee print on the best quality paper and the image size is 20 x 14 inches.  (It is also available in any size as a giclee on canvas. The pricing is depending on size and available upon request.) The edition size is 300 and each print is signed and numbered by the artist. Each print is shipped flat in a specially constructed shipping box, insured and will arrive via U.S. Post Office, Priority Mail or UPS. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity and a Blackfly sticker for you car, truck or boat.  The shipping charge is $25.00 to cover the shipping and packing materials.