"Rookie No More"

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Rookie No More is a lifesaver for novice fly fishers who are struggling with unanswered questions about various aspects of the sport that they have undertaken. Compiled from hundreds of questions that guide and instructor Pudge Kleinkauf has responded to throughout her career, this book presents many of those same questions right here in black and white. As you strive to master new and complex situations you'll be able to turn to this book for help with:

-- Various casts and their use

-- Information about fly fishing equipment

-- Different flies for different situations

-- Fishing techniques and skills beyond the basics

-- Other common questions about topics like safety on the water

-- Handling various related situations such as hiring a guide

Novice fly fishers have a large amount of information to absorb as they build their skills but don't always have access to help from a more experienced angler.

This little book can be a handy resource, easily carried in your day pack as you venture out onto the water. Have a question? Rookie No More has the answer.

Softcover, 160 pages

About the Author

An Alaskan since 1969, Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf is an attorney and a retired university professor. Her company, Women's Flyfishing, has taught women how to fly fish and taken them on guided trips throughout Alaska to find the best fishing for salmon, trout, char, Arctic grayling, and other species. Off-season, she leads saltwater fly fishing excursions to Mexico.