"Rivers of Sand: Fly Fishing Michigan and the Great Lakes Region"

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Michigan's Lower Peninsula is one of North America's great fly-fishing areas. Its combination of land and water, the uniqueness of the area, and a haunting sense of mystery draws people and their fly rods from across the country and all over the world. The rivers and lakes here share the same water source and history, and they all flow into the Great Lakes. It's a unique cycle of water, and within this cycle swim some great fish. It's these fish, these waters, and the techniques of these waters that this book is about.


About the Author:

Josh Greenberg is manager of the famous Gates Au Sable Lodge, and writes a popular, on-line fishing report that draws as many as 40,000 hits a month. He has contributed to several magazines, including Fly, Rod & Reel and Fly Fisherman. Three years ago, he contributed to a book with his boss, Calvin “Rusty” Gates. With little fanfare, and as published by a local press, Seasons of the Au Sable sold 5,000 copies in less than two years.