MidCurrent "Morning Hatch" Organic Coffee

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"This is great coffee! It produced one of the thickest most consistent crema, which means it is indeed super fresh. Love it!"

-- Daniel, Colorado

"Best coffee around!"

-- Jayne, Virginia

"I first bought your morning hatch thinking it to be no more than a novelty. It is amazing. My question is if I need to stock up due to this being a seasonal roast or ... MidCurrent is also a favorite of mine. THX for the wonderful job!"

-- Jessica, Nevada

"Since I started drinking 'Morning Hatch' coffee, I actually look forward to starting my morning with it.... The taste is full and smooth and actually reminds me of what coffee should be."

-- Jeff, California


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Best Enjoyed Wherever You Rise!


We discovered this extraordinary blend of beans in our search for the perfect eye-opener and midday tonic.  "Morning Hatch" beans are a custom Central American blend, shade-grown in volcanic soil to produce a satisfyingly dark roast without the bitterness.  Distinctively smooth, with a palate-pleasing richness, this organic coffee is sure to please the most discriminating coffee drinker!

Every batch of "Morning Hatch" beans are fresh-roasted, packed and shipped immediately in our stay-fresh foil 12-oz. bags with resealable tin ties.  These are the freshest beans you'll find without roasting them yourself!

A great gift item for your favorite fly fishing friends!  Buy some for a friend! Buy extra for yourself!

We Guarantee a Great Taste In Every Sip. So Enjoy!


PLEASE NOTE: All bags are shipped USPS PRIORITY MAIL (or UPS Ground for larger orders).

We apologize, but we are unable to ship internationally at this time.  Also, please note that free shipping is not available on coffee orders over $100.

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    MidCurrent Morning Hatch Organic Coffee

    Posted by Mike on 17th May 2018

    I recently purchased an order of MidCurrent "Morning Hatch" Organic Coffee and enjoyed my first cup this morning. This is without a doubt my new favorite coffee! It has a rich aroma, medium to heavy body and a well balanced flavor. It's smooth beyond belief. This coffee is better than any of the brand-named coffees on the market. Give it a try....you won't be sorry.

  • 5
    Fantastic Customer Service

    Posted by Dave in Salt Lake City on 10th Dec 2015

    While I am an avid coffee drinker, the Mid Current coffee I purchased was for a gift. That said, I can't rate the coffee but if its anything like the customer service, well then, it should be excellent. Thank you very much.

  • 5
    Finally, REAL coffee!

    Posted by J&B on 15th Mar 2014

    AAAAHHHHH, finally, REAL coffee this morning! Hooked on this stuff! Rich, full bodied, with a wonderfully smooth taste = perfect coffee. What a relief to get my refill order in the mail, so we're not stuck drinking the other fill-in-the-gap brands we thought we could make do with. Midcurrent's shipping is fast, so don't delay like we did. BUY this Morning Hatch coffee, it's better than ANY of the other brand-named so-called coffees on the market. Beautiful packaging makes it great for gifts too! Enjoy!

  • 5
    Makes me want to fish on ever sip!

    Posted by Eric on 22nd Jan 2013

    I'm not a coffee drinker, but I bought three packages for Christmas for my Dad, Uncle and Brother-n-law. My uncle gave me a cup and, It is really good. I like it a lot better than all the other brands that I have tried in the past.

  • 5
    Great Coffee

    Posted by Pete on 26th May 2012

    What a smooth blend, excellent coffee.

  • 5
    Jump Start the Heart and the Brain

    Posted by Bill on 25th May 2012

    Stumbling toward the coffee machine at 6:30 AM, I scoop up the new Morning Hatch coffee and drop it into the basket for brewing as I turn on the computer to see what epic will occur today. As I take the first sip, my taste buds rapidly awake, and the second sip is even tastier. Simply put, this is dam good coffee. As the fog begins to clear and my brain and the heart begins to engage in their normal sync, I fire up Midcurrent.com to ease into the awakening day by catching up on the latest happenings in the fish world. Now this is a great new daily routine.

  • 5
    Best coffee ever

    Posted by Tim on 25th May 2012

    I love coffee and this stuff is tops.

  • 5
    The Perfect Blend

    Posted by Aaron on 17th Apr 2012

    We are now permanent fans of Midcurrent's "Morning Hatch"! While the artwork on the package is worth the price alone, the real surprise is inside. The coffee is outstanding! It is the perfect blend of rich roasted flavor and subtle spicy undertones. As a lover of coffee that borders on snobbery, my "taste radar" is always up, but much like the news and content that MidCurrent provides the coffee is just as excellent. Besides the high quality of the beans, it has the added benefit of providing a 15 minute vacation in the morning as I sip and dream about rising dry flies on my favorite Wyoming stream.