"Lean Green Fighting Machine" by Vaughn Cochran

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"After years of experimenting with color and fish, this is one of my first realistic paintings of a fish. I caught this fish while working on a Travelers Insurance commercial in Bimini. The film crew had a long day on the water trying to get the light right and for the actors to look like they new what they were doing (my job). While we were waiting, I noticed a few shadows coming down the flat next to the channel we were standing in.  With just enough room to cast I made the shot and hooked up immediately. Of course the fish decided to run right through the set which everybody was mildly pissed. I got out my camera and got the close up I needed and let the unexpected star swim away."
This print is a giclee print on the best quality paper and the image size is 20.25 x 13.5 inches.  It is also available as a giclee print on canvas. Pricing for the canvas prints is available on request. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist and is an edition of 300.  Each print is shipped flat in a specially constructed shipping box, insured and will arrive via U.S. Post Office, Priority Mail or UPS. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity and a Blackfly sticker for you car, truck or boat.  The shipping charge is $25.00 to cover the shipping and packing materials.