In the Company of Trout (eBook)

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In the Company of Trout will transport you, fly rod in hand, to the wonderful world of trout fishing in Vermont. True stories, observa­tions, and descriptions of favorite places, techniques, and flies provide a rich and lighthearted look at trout fishing in all its glory--and absurdity.

In addition to getting tips on how and where to fish Shea's favorite ponds and rivers, learn how humbling it can be to fish with a six-year-old trolling a fast-food chicken nugget. Or why there is one pond in Vermont to which Shea will never return, despite catching a nice brook trout on his only visit there. There are detailed instructions for tying his favorite flies­ and an uproaring account of how those flies, and more, were upstaged by a can opener one morning at a backwoods pond.

Every angler, serious or casual, local or from away, will find advice and entertainment in equal measure. Shea's love of--and respect for--his sport and the trout he pursues make In the Company of Trout the perfect com­panion for time spent off the water.


An angler since childhood and author of Long Trail Trout (Headwater Books). Peter Shea has had a lifelong love affair with his sport. When not traveling the state in pursuit of trout, he lives in Burlington, Vermont.