"Flies for Selective Trout: Complete Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Tie the Newest Swisher Flies"

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Special Edition - Signed Copy

Doug Swisher cowrote Selective Trout, the bestselling fly-fishing book of all time. Now he’s back with brand new flies.

Back in the ’80s, right after Selective Trout was first published, many fly-tying books came on the market that were pushing the merits of the types of flies Carl Richards and Doug Swisher developed, like the No-Hackle Dun, Hen Spinner, Emerger, and Still-Born. Those were types of flies that had never been written about before. Then, a few years later, in the early 2000s, the emphasis switched drastically to what you would call streamer and attractor patterns.

Flies for Selective Trout covers a few of the “No Hackle Types” and many of Doug’s new attractor flies, like glow in the dark, ultraviolet, brush flies, advanced pupas, and our action-dubbing versions—with wiggly legs right in the dubbing!

New flies include:
No Hackle PMD
Duckquill Emerger
Mono Caddis Pupa
Velcro Green & Mean
And much more!

The Swishers also include tips on how to fish the new flies, as well as where they were developed. Pick up a copy of Flies for Selective Trout to learn about all of the new materials and tying techniques that make these new flies so exciting!

Hardcover, 160 pages

About the Authors

Doug and Sharon Swisher have been immersed in the fly-fishing world for a long time. Doug is one of the most accomplished flyfishermen and angling writers of our time. His coauthored book, Selective Trout, is the all-time bestselling book on a fly-fishing subject. He also coauthored Fly Fishing StrategyTying the Swisher/Richards FliesStoneflies, and Emergers. Sharon is a certified casting instructor, a fly-tying teacher, and one of the premier fly-fishing women in the country. Sharon and Doug live in Hamilton, Montana.