"Essential Trout Flies" (2nd Edition)

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50 indispensable patterns with step-by-step instructions for 300 most useful variations. If you fly fish, you need flies. Which ones to choose for taking trout? Here are the 50 proven, go-to patterns that every trout fly fisher should carry to catch trout almost all the time, anywhere in the world of trout streams and still waters. 

11 x 8.5 inches, 160 pages, softcover

"Essential Trout Flies will help you assemble, in just two fly boxes, the flies you need to catch trout anywhere. That makes it essential reading in my book." - Rich Ostoff, professional fly tier and author of Fly-Fishing the Rocky Mountain Back-Country

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From the hundreds of trout patterns available to today’s fly fisher, Hughes—in quintessential minimalist style—cuts through the complicated choices and gives a basic selection of essential trout flies that fit in a fly box or two and cover the broad spectrum of trout fishing conditions.

This new edition—with 1/3 new material, 20 additional patterns, and 300 variations—addresses the changes in fly preference over the last 15 years with some old patterns dropped for new styles tied with new materials and tying techniques.


About the Author

Dave Hughes is a highly respected fly-fishing writer with more than two dozen books in print, including Trout from Small Streams: 2nd EditionHandbook of Hatches: 2nd Edition, and Trout Flies. He lives in Portland, Oregon.