"Czech Nymph and Other Related Fly Fishing Methods (3rd Edition)"

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Get introduced to the secrets by an experienced angler (20 yrs) and be shown in a few lessons the essentials of this kind of angling. Traces the history of the Czech nymph and proceeds to catalog and detail 159 nymph patterns.

Czech Nymph is an excellent book for anyone hoping to improve their nymph fishing skills and includes one of the most comprehensive discussions of nymphing techniques to be found. Czech fly fishers are considered among the finest in the world because of their unique fly designs and "tight-line" nymphing techniques, and this book provides a thorough explanation of the leader forumulas, flies, presentation and water-reading techniques that have proven so effective.

Hardcover, 159 full color photos of nymphs & 45 color fishing photos; 7x10.5 inches, 119 pages

About the Author

Karel Krivanec is past president of the Czech National Fly Fishing Committee and team manager of Czech national teams for the world championships in fly fishing. He has published two books, Still Water Fishing Basics (2003) and Czech Nymph and Other Related Fly Fishing Methods (first ed. 2007), and many articles in different fishing magazines.