At the River's Edge: Lessons Learned in a Life of Fly Fishing (eBook)

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Three decades ago the author embarked upon a journey that would lead to a lifetime of fishing. Along the way he found so much more. These fly fishing stories are different. With a touch of heart, soul, and humor, they may even change the way you look at the sport.

Jerry Kustich lives in Montana close to the Big Hole, Ruby and Beaverhead, all blue ribbon trout streams. He works at the Winston Rod Company. When he is not building fine fly rods, he is out fishing. It is a life of purpose and passion—a powerful love affair with fish and fishing. This collection of stories defines the meaning of Jerry’s passionate pursuit

At the River’s Edge is a delightful read. Each time I turned to it, it was like sitting down to visit with a long-time friend. I was sorry to see it end. 
- Joan Wulff

The best messages on fly fishing come from the heart. Jerry Kustich is a new voice in that tradition. 
- John Randolph, editor Fly Fisherman magazine