"Osprey" Photographic Print

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"Osprey" by Bryan Gregson

"Osprey" by Bryan Gregson

Dimensions: 16" x 24"  Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Matte Paper.

This print is part of the Surface Film II event.

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About the artist:

Bryan Gregson: "Professional adventure seeker…err…bum who, like the rest of the world, grew up with a rod in hand a deep love for water. In the early 90s summers as a teenager were spent doing salmon habitat research in the Bitteroot as a data recorder. Soon after, the lure of adventure quickly landed a commercial fisherman gig. This started a chain reaction and the quest for the largest game fish with a rod and reel started, and lasted, for many years. Winter usually consists of trudging through waist deep snow while working with friends in the snow industry. Nowadays, perusing native fish in remote locations is the driving force of the journey."

See more of Bryan Gregson’s record of photos and writings with misspelled words and poor vocabulary at www.utahcutthroat.com.